Featured Project: Meadowbrook Aquatic Center

Commercial Painting & Finishes

A Baltimore institution since 1930, Meadowbrook has evolved from an outdoor swimming and social club to a state of the art Aquatic Center and Exercise Facility. Meadowbrook Aquatic Center still features the large outdoor pool for which it is so well known, as well as the large indoor Pool House constructed in 1994 and the adjoining exercise facility with panoramic glass windows that overlook both the indoor and outdoor pools. The Indoor Pool Building holds a 50-meter, six lane Main Pool, a Therapy Pool and the Indoor Hot Tub.

Project Scope and Timeline

In August of 2009, interior surfaces of the Pool House were showing significant wear and in need of cleaning and repainting. To keep disruption to the Center’s busy training, teaching and membership activity to a minimum, the facility scheduled a 9-day shut down and contracted with Budeke’s Paints to write specifications and OTN to tackle the sizeable project. Several hurdles stood in the way of meeting the ambitious goal and tight time-line.

Surface Preparation

The scope of work included surface prep and painting of the ferrous & non-ferrous metal corrugated ceiling, overhead pans & structural supports and CMU walls. A majority of the ceiling area was above the main indoor pool, eliminating the option of mechanical lifts in this area. In order to access the ceiling without damaging the pool, OTN erected OSHA approved mobile scaffolding with levelers to accommodate the slope inside the pool.

Process and Products

Prior to starting the project, the three pools were drained and inspected for any pre-existing damage. Samples were applied to ensure proper adhesion and compatibility. All surface areas not receiving coatings were masked to protect them from cleaning & coating materials and overspray, including the pools interiors, pool decking and the second level windows of the exercise facility.

The very nature of the Pool House environment and the fact that all surfaces were previously painted made it imperative that all accumulated salt contamination be removed prior to any other form of surface prep and painting. This was achieved by treating the surfaces with a biodegradable cleaner followed by cleaning with 3500 PSI power washing. Next rusted areas were spot primed with epoxy mastic and along with the remaining support structures, received two acrylic semi-gloss finish coats. The final surface to paint was the CMU walls that were coated with an acrylic semi-gloss as well in colors designated by the center’s designer.

Project Results

The project was complete with the removal of all masking materials and a thorough cleaning of the Pool House interior so the pools could be refilled. Working double shifts over the nine-day timeline and following well researched and prepared specs, OTN’s skilled and dedicated Estimators, Foremen and crews delivered an interior that received the proper cleaning, surface prep and protective finish coats to provide a long lasting interior finish that the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center sought.

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