Commercial Painting and Finishes

Surfaces fail, interiors need improvements, growth requires expansion.

The business classification ‘commercial’ includes a broad scope of both structures and industries but at the end of the day, all ‘commercial clients’ have very different and specific demands upon their unique space and trade. OTN’s Commercial Painting and Finishes Division has the experience and expertise to address those demands. Our crews are trained and skilled in surface prep and application techniques in a vast array of exterior and interior coatings and finishes. Keeping your exteriors and interiors in the best repair and most sound and aesthetically pleasing condition is our goal.

Protect Your Building with Professional Exterior Finishes

Exterior finishes are a large part of the aesthetic quality of a building, but their primary function is protection. Our estimators have the experience needed to provide answers to all aspects of your maintenance concerns. We also understand that our solutions must be cost effective, address your time constraints and be sensitive to environmental impact. At OTN, we can explain how a detailed maintenance program will protect the structural integrity of your facility and help you avoid costly repairs due to neglect. We are skilled in masonry preservation, mortar joint replacement and sealing, and the application of water, weather, UV and rust & corrosion resistant coatings and more.

We Are a Full Service Commercial Painting Contractor

OTN is a full service contractor and excels in both Exterior Coatings and Interior Finishes. Scheduling and coordinating different contractors for multiple areas and phases of a project can be both time consuming and expensive for property managers and owners. OTN eliminates those costs. Our Estimators - Project Managers assist our clients through an entire project. To learn more, see What to Expect when working with OTN.

We assist our clients with paint color selection, and installation of many different types and grades of wall coverings, decorative finishes, flooring options, including Resinous Floors, ceiling systems, cabinetry, countertops, moldings and trim. As research and technology continues to improve, we also offer clients’ options in the use of green materials that help reduce chemical pollutants & VOC’s in an interior. OTN coordinates and manages the complete scope of work to meet your schedule, with as minimal disruption to business as possible. When necessary, our crews work nights, weekends and holidays.

When the scope of a project calls for improvements beyond Painting and Interior Finishes, OTN’s Construction Division provides the next level of service. Construction Services is skilled in everything from full Tenant Build Outs, Lease Repairs and Improvements, to New Construction Management. We work from your plans or assist with everything from architectural renderings and engineering to building completion.

Please contact us to learn more about OTN’s Commercial Painting & Finishes Division and the many ways that we can assist you with your facility’s exterior and interior space.