Resinous Floors

Resinous flooring is a specialized and versatile seamless, or monolithic, surface coating system that meets the needs of many industries: manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, technology, health care, public spaces, commercial and more.

Advantages of Resinous Floors

Along with its versatility, Resinous Flooring has many other features and benefits:

  • Resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock and impact
  • Promotes moisture and vapor tolerance
  • Provides slip resistant surfacing
  • Protection from heavy traffic
  • Low Odor during Installation
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Stain Resistant
  • UV resistant


Resinous Floor Installation

It is possible to install resinous flooring over existing or new surfaces. OTN’s years of experience in both commercial and industrial settings, assures our clients that we know how and will take the time needed to prepare surfaces for Resinous Flooring. The time invested in efficient and exacting surface prep is the key to quality, lasting, finished projects.


  • Blastrac – Shot Blasting system to produce the correct surface profile prior to coating
  • Diamond Grind – Used in conjunction with HEPA-filtered dust extraction to smooth surfaces and remove shot blast grooves or uneven joints
  • Scarify for removal of mastics and thin mil coatings
  • Hand Grinding / Chipping Gun – used to prep edging and surfaces within confined areas
  • Saw Cutting – areas of existing floor is removed to assure a smooth transition along edges, joints, drains, and doorways as the new flooring is installed

The application process of resinous flooring makes them ideally suitable for decorative purposes. Resinous floors are available in a large spectrum of colors and textures. Finishes may be matte, satin or high gloss. Patterns, designs and logos can easily be integrated within the floor.

MMA, Methyl Methacrylate floor coatings, are pigmented floor systems available in a broad array of colors. They are VOC compliant, have superior UV stability for indoor and outdoor applications and cure quickly, within a wide temperature range. Quartz aggregate and vinyl decorative flake can be broadcast into the floor during application to introduce color variations and / or slip resistance to the floor surface.

Integral Cove Bases that extend the flooring surface onto walls is another advantage of Resinous Floors. Integrating the cove base with the floor surface greatly reduces the potential for cracks and surface failure along wall bases.

Applied in clean rooms, resinous flooring provides antistatic and dust free surfaces crucial in technological environments.

Resinous Floors can provide antimicrobial surfaces for the healthcare industry and in locker rooms, shower rooms and restrooms. When it is necessary to incorporate slope within a floor for drains or other manufacturing needs, resinous flooring is ideally suited to modifying surface level and slope.

The Resinous Floors Division of OTN serves a broad spectrum of clients and industries. If you’d like to know more about the diverse applications for seamless resinous flooring, contact us. We can show you how Resinous Flooring can improve your facility, increase its life cycle and enhance your environment.